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Our Approach

In my search to find a group that meets my personal and professional values, I have joined a strong professional group at Sunrise Mortgage in Clackamas, Oregon.   Our group has deep roots in the community and a long positive history in the mortgage industry. We strive to serve our community with excellent customer service that builds long term relationships.  We separate ourselves from banks and online lenders by being there for you during a time when you are making the largest investment decision of your life.

Our Story

Our roots are deep and our drive to help is immense.  Our gourp has been in the mortgage in industry for twenty five years.  We have seen the market fluctuations and we know how to navigate the highs and low.  We were there yesterday, we are here today and we will be there for you tomorrow.

Owning a home is a keystone of wealth-both financial affluence and emotional security.  ~Suze Orman